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Exemplary Standards for Loose Diamonds

Receive jewelry that is a step beyond traditional quality standards with remarkable loose diamonds from Diamond Exchange of Maryland. Although major consideration is given to the four Cs of diamond selection as well as my own standards to provide customers with the most precious diamonds in their jewelry.

The Other Cs

While I know you are considering cost; be it cash, check, or charge in your list of Cs, I have devised a selection of my own to bring you the best service. My first C is compromise, wherein I take into account that almost everyone often makes a compromise in either cut, quality, clarity, or carat weight. Following compromise are the Cs that make me one of the most qualified jewelers to handle your purchase.

Competency, Communication, Comfort, & Courtesy

Be more than just a number during your diamond ring purchase. Machines are not part of my process, so you only speak with a live individual. I believe it is important for you to feel comfortable with your purchase and that you are more likely to feel this comfort when you deal with me in person.

Diamond Chart - Loose Diamonds

Confidence & Certificate

Know that you are receiving the right price for the best stone when you purchase from my selection. Any important diamond that you purchase should be accompanied by a diamond grading report from the Gemological Institute of America™ or from the American Gem Society™. There are a plethora of other certificates for diamonds, but GIA and AGS certificates are the most highly regarded.

Diamond jewelry pieces are lifetime purchases, and you want to make sure you are receiving the best value. I firmly suggest that customers do not rush to buy a certificate alone, because there is more to a diamond than what is discerned from that certificate.

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