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Stun your bride-to-be with a magnificent diamond or engagement ring from the Diamond Exchange of Maryland. I offer the best selection of diamond and gem jewelry, including diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

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Diamond Jewelry

Make a lasting impression when you present your important diamond purchase to your partner. I am able to work with customers online. However, I highly prefer to work with you personally to provide the most effective service and purchasing explanations. I employ the services of several diamond cutters to produce thousands of gorgeous diamonds for my customers.


Avoid sacrificing quality during your search for the perfect diamond. Experience has shown that price is one of the most important factors in jewelry purchases, but it should not be the dominant criteria. Many local and online stores are becoming highly competitive in their pricing and would be happy to quote you their lowest price, but the cheapest quote does not mean you are receiving the best buy; but only the cheapest diamond.

I know the wholesale cost of diamonds and understand how they are marked up. Due to market fluctuations and diamond availability, I do not post my prices. Instead, I match the lowest Internet price and also offer personable service that satisfies.

The Four C's of Diamonds

I follow the standard qualifications for diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The preciseness of the cut is determined by the way in which the diamond cutter chooses to bring out the beauty that nature has provided, but is hidden within a rough diamond. Where nature lays the groundwork, man builds the finished product.

More about Cut

Only a small percentage of diamonds are cut to complete perfection, because weight is often favored over beauty during the cutting process. Bringing out more beauty results in a significant amount of weight being lost from the rough diamond. This perspective allows for understanding and respect of the relationship between weight and price.

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