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I Have Your Best Interests at Heart

My name is Ira Kramer, and I have only your best interests at heart and want to provide you with the most personal service possible. I answer the phone directly and encourage you to approach me with any questions or concerns. Trips are frequently made to the Washington, DC, area.

My Story

I began my journey in sales, advancing quickly to general manager and co-owner of a small chain of jewelry stores. In 1982, I purchased the Diamond Exchange of Maryland, which operated as a full-service retail store. The store was closed in 1996 following an armed robbery in the spring. I converted to helping clients through a private office.

I currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida, where I own a private office and showroom. Although I own a physical shop, clients throughout the United States receive my services.

Contact me in Rockville, Maryland, for information about my exceptional diamond jewelry.